Global Solidarity: Against the states and the militarization of the planet // Thursday 17th March

Voices from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia

This event will be streamed live at Thursday 17th March 2PM EDT (8PM Athens & Kyiv, 7PM Berlin) from these locations:

After two dark pandemic years, warmonger States are militarizing the planet, drowning whole societies in blood in order to accomplish their power games. In this online discussion, comrades from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia speak about how the invasion of Ukraine has impacted their societies and communities, describing the forms that resistance to the invasion is taking in all three contexts and how people elsewhere around the world can raise and support efforts to stop it.

Salem in Kyiv, libertarian-socialist, founder of Operation Solidarity
Yana, Russian Anarchist and participant of the Network Case support campaign
Comrades from ABC-Belarus
Member of Anti-authoritarian Movement Athens and Nosotros EKX
Member of CrimethInc.